Hookah Shisha FAQ

Regular Shisha is tobacco leaves mixed with fruit flavored molasses, it contains no tar. Herbal Hukka Shisha is herbs mixed with fruit flavored molasses.
it contains no Tar Nicotine or Tobacco.
Each flavor has its own unique taste and is great on its own , you can always mix your flavors to great new interesting and tasty flavors.
Yes it is great to mix flavors! There are some flavors which are intended as mixers, such as mint. Mint is great when mixed with double apple and many other flavors, simply add 90% Double Apple and 10% Mint for a great taste.
The wetter your Hookah Shisha is, the better tasting it will be, if the Shisha is not stored in a cool air tight place it will begin to dry out, and taste less fruitful.
Storing your Shisha in a  cool dry room will keep your shisha fresh. Refrigerating your shisha is also recommended.

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