Hookah Smoking FAQ

Welcome to the Hookah Smoking FAQ, where we provide the answers to all of your Hookah smoking questions!

You must be 18 years old to buy or smoke a hookah.

Your Hookah can be harsh for several reasons, (*Quick Tip: Packing the shisha light and fluffy into the bowl will lead to the most taste and smoothest smoke) begin by puffing out through your hose, softly and in spurts to release the harsh smoke from the base through the air gasket. air gasket- ball must be rolling and able to be pushed up when blown from hose.

Then take a look at your clay bowl, are the holes too big? too many? too close together?

Try pushing the charcoal away from some of the holes towards a different part of the bowl and towards the edge. then begin to pull on the hookah again and it should be just fine. If need be add an additional layer of tinfoil onto the bowl with holes.

The underlying cause of any harsh smoke is usually due to too much tobacco being burned too quickly. Whether it is due to the positioning of the Hookah Charcoal, or the amount of holes, the size of holes and their spacing, be sure not too much tobacco is being burned at once.

First check to be sure your hookah is air tight, once you are sure it is continue to test the hookah for any clogs or holes.”
With your Hookah Fully assembled, take the clay bowl off the top of your hookah, and place your hand sealing the top opening of the hookah. Then pull on the hose, if you dont get any air, your hookah is perfect. If you are able to suck in, make sure all hookah parts are fastened securely and that your hand is sealed well atop the hookah and try again, if it is still letting air in, begin to listen while you breath as to where the hole might be.

The most popular air tight issue is the Hose, you can test your hose by sealing your hand around one end and breathing in from the other, if you dont get any air, the hose is good.

First check your water level, if the water in your base is too high it may get sucked in when you smoke. If the water level is just fine, try to pulling less hard on your hookah.
This will keep your hookah in its best tasting smoking condition for as long as possible. Cleaning out the water prevents the hookah from smelling, becoming bad tasting, and rusting.
The Valve is there to enable the hookah smoker to blow out the smoke from the base if the smoke becomes undesirable for any reason.As shown in “My Hookah is Harsh, What to do?” if your hookah becomes harsh blowing slightly and in short spurts through the hose will clean out the smoke in the base, so you may fix the charcoal or whatever problem caused the undesirable taste.
To fix your hookah and regain its air-tightness it is important to have the air valve ball there , if it is not it is recommended to crush tinfoil into a tiny ball and place it in the valve, filling the entire hole, if the hole is not completely closed the hookah will not be air tight, you will hear air coming from the valve when pulling on the hose, if it continues to leak, plug the hole with tinfoil, or wrap tinfoil around the valve, not allowing any air in. The tin ball may not allow you to blow out when the hookah is harsh, however if the air valves cap is left off, you can pull the tin ball out to allow for clearing the base.
Adding everything from tea to your favorite juices or beverages 😉 can add loads of flavor to your hookah!
The first thing you would want to check, as always is that your hookah is air tight, like shown in I’m not getting any smoke?

After begin to check your hose, unplug it from the hose slot and attempt to blow hard through the hose, is there something stuck in there? is the hose clogged?

If the hose is fine the next thing you may want to check is the hookah stem, be sure the stem is clear, shine a light at the base and remove the hookah clay bowl, be sure you can look directly down and there is nothing stuck in the pipe. If your hookah is clean and not being constricted by anything the next piece to check would be the hookah bowl, be sure the bowls holes are not clogged by old shisha.

When all of that has been confirmed clear the cause may be the amount of holes poked in your tinfoil. You may either need to add more small holes, or increase the size of the holes to allow more air to come through the hookah. Be sure not to entirely restrict the airflow of the hookah by covering every hole poked, with the lit charcoal, there should always be some holes which are not covered by the charcoal.

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