4 Easy Ways To Have Your Hookah Smoking Better (Like a Pro)

1. Make sure your hookah is air tight! Check the hose, bowl and base, if you hear air coming through when smoking, you must fix it.
2. Easiest way to fix a non tight hose to hose slot connection: use a grommet, dont have a grommet? take a paper towel, wet it, fold it up, wrap it around the end of the hose then stick it in and presto, a hookah grommet!
3. Make sure you are packing your shisha lightly, DO NOT PRESS DOWN when packing your shisha, doing this will cause it to be harsher than it should be.
4. Placing different types of liquids into your base is a great way to add to your hookah taste or hookah buzz. everything from juice to adult beverages can be mixed with the water to enhance your smoking experience.

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