Big tobacco scare tactics “Poisonings From Liquid Nicotine Found In E-Cigarettes Surge Across Country”

Poisonings from liquid nicotine found in e-cigarettes surge across country.

The New York Times (3/24, A1, Richtel, Subscription Publication) reports on its front page that a “dangerous” and unregulated form of nicotine, found in e-cigarettes, “is hitting markets nationwide” and causing an uptick in poisonings from the substance. The Times says “evidence of the potential dangers is already emerging,” “notably among children.” The Times says there is even one known death, from an adult who injected the liquid form of nicotine. Indeed, related cases “jumped to 1,351 in 2013, a 300 percent increase from 2012, and the number is on pace to double this year, according to information from the National Poison Data System.”

The AP (3/23) offers a similar story, based on the number of young children sent to hospitals in Utah after using e-cigarettes. Since January 2012, the state has logged 79 cases of poisoning. The numbers rise year by year, with 10 cases in 2012, 48 reported in 2013, and 21 so far this year, which means “Utah already has seen about half as many as all of last year’s calls and it’s not even three months into the year.”

HookahTown commentary: this is simply another scare tactic by the big tobacco companies to prevent people from using ecigs which are helping people (including myself) quit smoking everyday. Big tobacco like Phillip Morris has gone as far as to make their own ecig called vuze which has the highest nicotine level of all ecigs at 60mg which is 5 times the amount in Bastone Premium Hookah Sticks. they are hedging their bet with this unbelievably addictive form of an ecig although they are still fighting hard against ecigs in general.

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