Welcome to the Hookah FAQ, where we provide the answers to all of your Hookah smoking questions!

Hookah is The New Chill , A Hookah is a water pipe used to smoke Shisha.
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Hookah is Social Facilitator just as much as it is a smoking device. The New Chill has grown in astounding numbers with over 600 Hookah Bars opening up in the USA over the past 6 years. It’s popularity is driven by its sweet tasting Shisha as well as its socially facilitating capabilities, allowing Girls and Guys to hang out, meet new people and chat it up, over a nice relaxing hookah.
The height of the hookah should have no effect on the taste or pull of the hookah. As long as the Hookah is air tight it should smoke to perfection whether it is 12″ or 100″
The number of hoses your hookah has will not effect the taste or smoke. As hookahs are mainly smoked in groups of at least 3, its convenient to have enough hoses to go around. Check out our Single Hose or Multi Hose Hookahs.
The first obvious difference is that the Acrylic base is made from tough plastic, its very durable and great for those who may break a glass base.
There is no difference in the smoking or taste of the hookah regardless of the base.
Acrylic Hookahs must not have used hookah water in their base over night or for any extended period of time.
Always emptying out your hookahs water after smoking is recommended to keep the hookah fresh tasting.
A twist-on stem screws the stem into the base, securing the base air tightly. Its easy to open and close, great for cleaning and maintenance.
Some Hookahs come with our standard Hookah Hoses, we do offer with your hookah Modern Metal Tip Hookah Hose(s) at a special discount. The Modern Metal Tip Hookah Hose(s) come in the color of your hookah, the hose(s) are 6 feet long and made from the highest quality leather used on any hose. It’s hose is extra wide to allow for a bigger taste.
Yes! it’s a steal! The Modern Metal Tip Hookah Hose is our Best Smoking Hose, it is extra wide allowing for more taste and it’s leather is extra durable. Save up to 50% on when purchased with your hookah.
It is not the weight of the hookah you should be concerned about but the materials the hookah is made from, you will notice our new materials guide for most hookahs, which will tell you the types of metals and glass used to make the hookah. The quality pyramid starts with hookahs made from chrome such as the at the top then, stainless steel hookahs such as the H Uno, then brass hookahs. As you will find apparent we do not sell any brass hookahs due to their lacking
longevity for the average hookah smoker.
It is most important to make sure your hookah fits you. Whether it be an Zen Hookah for the smoker on the go, or the Rock Candy Hookah (Our #1 Hookah Bar Hookah) for the sophisticated smoker, each and every hookah has qualities that can make it perfect for you.
Unique hookahs such as the all glass Double Hose Crystal Cases.
The number of hoses whether a 1 2 3 or 4 hose hookah should be based upon your planned usage, if your looking to use your hookah with lots of friends, a (Party) Multiple Hose Hookah would be best for you.
Every multiple hose hookah on Hookah Town comes with an auto seal feature, so you wont have to cover the hookah hose when your friend is using their hose.