Hookah Charcoal FAQ

Welcome to the Charcoal FAQ, where we provide the answers to all of your Hookah smoking questions!

The Charcoal after being lit is placed atop the holed tinfoil or Tin Screen atop the hookah clay bowl, the heat vapors from the extremely hot coal are used to burn the wet shisha.
There are many easy and safe ways to put out a charcoal, dropping it into water is always fast and easy, whether in your toilet, a bucket, or a puddle.
It is always best to light a charcoal outside or out a window, for a quicker light use a stove top to start the charcoal”
Get the Modern Wind Cover, if your hookah will fall the coal will fall into the windcover protecting you and your carpet. If your hookah ever begins to fall and you catch it, the coal will not slide off!
Charcoals last for quite awhile however if stored under extreme tempatures, whether hot or cold will cause them to light less quickly, possibly break upon lighting, and will not burn as long as usual.
With the better types of charcoals such as the Swift Lite and Five Star brands you should not need to clean off the ash from the coal, removing the ash is only neccessary when the ash begins to break up and fall into the hookah bowl. If that is happening use your tong and gently push down atop the middle of the coal with the thin side of the tong and push off one side of the ash, then do the same for the other side.
No, Never! Lighting your charcoal atop of your hookah will cause it to taste terrible, always be sure to have your hookah charcoal fully lit before placing it atop your hookah.

The type of charcoal that is best for you is dependent upon your smoking preferences as well as your smoking location. Typically for hookah smokers it is recommended to use the Five Star Quicklite Large Charcoals, these are very easy to light and will have your hookah smoking in less then 25 seconds and will last for up to an hour. Be sure to light the coal outside a window or outside and away from your body.
As opposed to the Quicklite charcoals the newer method of stove light Hookah coals has allowed for a cleaner smoke, (these may take up to 60 seconds to light on a stove).

Although abit more time consuming these Stovelite charcoals are beneficially regarding their cleaner smoother smoke (for those whom complain of a charcoal taste to their hookah, these are perfect for you) which allows your hookah to taste as best as possible. Regarding lighting Stovelite charcoals, as with all charcoals, the more the charcoal is lit the quicker your hookah will be started, keep in mind with finger coals, the size of the coal and how much is lit will determine how quick your hookah will begin to smoke (learn your preferred size by initially braking off 1/5 of the finger and working your way up from there).

Initially the bottom portion of the coal is most important (for tablets the bottom is the indented portion, for fingers whichever side is lit best should be the bottom); eventually the top will become red and fully lit. The initially puffs are based upon the bottom of the coal. The size of the hookah coal will determine how long the smoke will last; you can always add more coals to the same bowl as they finish until the shisha is fully burned. Keep in mind when placing more coals onto the bowl, not to cover every hole of the tin foil with the coal; some air flow is needed to keep the hookah tasting its best.

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