Hookah Setup FAQ

Welcome to the Hookah Setup FAQ, where we provide the answers to all of your Hookah questions!

The thinner the tin foil the better, be sure to have the bland side of the tinfoil facing up.

Cut a piece approximately 4″x4″ or however much is needed to securely fully cover and wrap around the top of the bowl.

The size and amount of holes poked into the tinfoil will determine the lightness or thickness of the smoke. The smaller and less holes poked…the lighter the smoke will be…the wider and more holes poked, the thicker the smoke will be.

It is best to start off using a pin to poke your holes, start off poking holes as if you were cutting a pizza pie, with 6 holes being punched for each row. Experimentation is needed to achieve your preferred smoke, changing your holes formation (size and amount) in an attempt to create a better smoke is recommended.

It is best to have the drop down tube, submerged in the water approximately 1″-1 1/2 “. The amount of water in your base will determine how hard you will need to pull on your hookah when smoking. The more water the more filtration there is as well. The less water the easier it is to pull.

It is best to break up the shisha into thin pieces before placing it into the bowl (using a fork or tongs). Then gently place the shisha into the bowl filling it up just below the brim ,allowing the Shisha to stay fluffy and spaced, this will ensure the best tasting smoke.

With Egyptian hookahs that are tightly squeezed in, attempt o pull them stem in a twisting motion until it comes free. When placing the stem into the base wet the grommet(rubber around the stem) to help it slide in.

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