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Claude Henaux Paris: # 4 – The Pearl of Burgundy

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The exquisite and tasty blend of a mint blackcurrant liquid and a refreshing mint. It is obvious that this composition will make you dance the taste buds. Fresh notes: Cassis, Mint. All our flavors are analyzed by an independent laboratory, and are accompanied by their SDS (safety data sheet). All our liquid e are on a basis of: 60% Vegetable Glycerin (Pharmacopoeial quality USP), <40% Propylene Glycol Vegetable (USP Pharmacopoeial Quality), Food flavors. Nicotine 0 mg, 3 mg, 6 mg or 12 mg. (USP pharmacopoeial quality), Our liquid contains no additives, sweeteners or colorants. Each production is matured (steepée) for at least one month and the subject of constant attention. The packaging is made in the strictest respect of good manufacturing practices . Nicotine levels available: 0mg, 3mg, 6mg and 12mg. Claude HENAUX Paris Creator of Flavors. The French designer Claude HENAUX reinterprets the cigarette in a high-end and refined item. Starting from this concept, this constant search for excellence has been applied to our collection of premium liquid, For us it is not the quantity of flavors proposed, but the quality and excellence of our products is our leitmotiv. We offer a complete, balanced and optimal offer , corresponding to the expectations of our customers and each recipe fits perfectly into the surprising and natural genetics. The Liquid Collection In search of authenticity, our liquids are designed and produced in France by a team of enthusiasts of true tastes , starting from the premise that steam is a means of pleasure, we let ourselves be guided by our intuition and our emotions and always with The same quest for excellence . Obviously, we select the best aromatic bases and raw materials of the market. Conditioning All our liquids are packed in elegant 30 ml glass bottles . And, of course, will pass in 10 ml according to the prescriptions of the PDT. Each bottle is numbered individually. The caps are provided with a child safety device . They have a pipette to facilitate the filling of atomizers. Each batch is identified to ensure traceability . We wish you enjoy as much as we enjoyed creating our liquid. Very sincerely. Claude HENAUX


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